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Together for a greener future

We proudly introduce Emission Tariffs - helping shippers reduce transport emissions

How are supply chains affected by digitalization, sustainability and the rapid development of e-commerce?

These topics will be addressed in a unique collaboration between Unifaun and industry magazine, Supply Chain Effect, in a series of around ten filmed interviews during spring 2021. Each interview is a maximum of ten minutes long, and is conducted in English. The material is available to everyone interested in drawing inspiration from different supply chain perspectives.

Why choose a TM-system from Unifaun?


Over 80 people at Unifaun work full time with developing and maintaining our service. You are thereby guaranteed one of the most stabile services on the market.


Unifaun founded the TM-market in Sweden and are currently establishing TM in the rest of the nordics. We have extensive experience from helping companies with their logistics and making their supply chains more efficient. This experience is something we gladly share with you.


We are proud to say that we continuously challenge our service and develop new functionality to help simplify your work and make it even more efficient.


Our market leading customer service is always available for you, ready to help you with any questions and challenges.

  • Björn Hedenborn on DHL

    Before we started working with our TM-system DHL Multishipping, we had a degree of EDI that barely reached 25 percent. That has radically improved and our degree of EDI today is close to 97 percent. This has naturally had great positive effects on our internal organization and enables a way of working that is barely comparable to the way it used to be.
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  • Joakim Cedergren on IP Group

    I strongly recommend Memnon Apport to others. They will not realize the possibilities before they start working in the system.
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  • Birgitte Riis on Solar

    We had a problem with our incoming shipment; we didn’t know if they were booked or where they were. We could call the supplier and they would say that the shipment was booked but it would later turn out that it wasn’t. Thanks to the inbound-solution, we can now control those issues.
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Alen Ramic

Alen Ramic

Product Owner at Unifaun Gothenburg

Alen is one of the people that has been with Unifaun the longest and has had a great career in the company. He started as a support agent/IT technician in 2007. A few years later he became responsible for larger customer implementations and was made IT manager. The next step was to handle carrier accounts followed by the position as Technical Project Manager (TPM) where he, among many things, handled the implementation of Posti Smartship. The latest step has been to take on the role as Product Owner.

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