Unifaun is a market leader within Transport Management (TM) on the Nordic market. With more than 20 years of experience we provide innovative TM systems of high quality that simplify and improve processes for the transport buyer as well as for the carrier. More than 800 000 shipments registered by over 100 000 companies flow through our TM systems on a daily basis, which makes us a central part of the Nordic logistics.

How we got here

In the summer of 2014 the two leading companies within transport management on the Nordic market merged, thus creating the common company Unifaun. After the merger Unifaun is the largest actor within transport management (TM) in northern Europe and we are known as one of the foremost experts in the area. Unifaun’s TM-systems are used in around 80 countries and our turnover in 2015 was ~20M euro.

The two companies

Memnon Networks was born from the idea to find a more efficient way for carriers to handle their incoming transport bookings. Kristian Hansson and Erik Rosén at DHL knew from experience how time demanding transport management was and got the idea for a cloud based transport management system (TM). That thought led to the company Memnon Networks and the first TM-system was soon launched: DHL Multishipping. Shortly after followed more cooperations with large actors such DB Schenker, DSV and Geodis Wilson.

Unifaun has it’s background in the Logistic area within the companies Diamo AB and Vendimo Business Solutions AB. Since 1996 Unifaun has built an extensive experience of IT-solutions within information logistics that simplify the handling of letters, parcels and goods. Unifaun was founded in 2001 when the responsible for logistics within Vendimo Business Solutions AB decided to run the business as it’s own specialized company.

What we want

By being a leading technology- and knowledge partner Unifaun wants to ensure that logistics is an enabler for business. All too often logistics is both time and money demanding, and seen as an obsticle for a growing business. Through our clever solutions and TM-systems we strive to help your company reach it’s potential in a world where logistics run smoothly.

Unifaun has built the Swedish TM-market and has actively driven it to the world-leading level of EDI the country has today. We are now going through the same journey in Finland, Norway, Poland and Denmark. Unifaun has an outspoken plan for international expansion and our goal is to be market leading in Europe.

How we get there

Our goal is to become market leading in Europe and we will reach it by consistently deliver value and grow alongside our customers. Unifaun strive not only to be a supplier of Transport Management systems (TM-systems) but also to be an active partner to our customers. Through a genuine interest for our customers’ business and through several years of experience we want to help our customers to reach growth and increased profitability. We want to be a leading technology- and knowledge partner by sharing our knowledge and our market leading technology.

We provide innovative and user friendly e-solutions that radically simplify transport management for users, reduce costs and enhance the quality of our customers’ business processes. Unifaun's TM-systems should be the natural choice for all types of organizations in need of a transport management solution.

Christopher Dughieri, COO