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Our true vision is that we want the world to deliver more, but waste less.



Two visionaries, one ambition.



Joining forces to win more.



Accelerating the evolution of industry.


In 1997 two companies, separate from each other, started to disrupt how transport handling should be done. By digitalizing all the flows around a physical transport, they saved money for both the shipper and the carrier. These companies were the true pioneers of creating what we today call Transport Management Solutions and Delivery Management. Right from the start, they created their digital business in the cloud which made them role models for millions of companies to come.

In 2014 both the companies were thriving, dominating the space. In an effort to do even more, they joined forces and thereby created Unifaun. The merge made it possible for Unifaun to accelerate resources put into research and development, increasing the depth and robustness of the solutions portfolio. The clear undisputed ambition was to take transport and delivery management to new heights.

In 2020 Unifauns leadership role on the market continues. The shift to the delivery driven economy is taking off and it is now time to scale the business. Unifaun has started the roll-out of the solutions to the rest of Europe, making the joining of Benelux based company Transsmart the first step on that path. The ecosystem of shippers, carriers and system providers that have served Unifaun and all of its members are being expanded and create prosperous business for all parties.


  • 01. Connected
  • 02. Data Driven
  • 03. Instant value
  • 04. Adaptive to every future
  • 05. Fanatics