Freight Cost Management

Are you paying the correct freight cost? Are there any possibilities to reduce your freight costs through a simple adjustment? These are questions that many would like the answer to but they are often difficult to answer. With Freight Cost Management you gain control and visibility over your freight costs.

Price calculation

Would you like to know the freight cost before you book your shipment or would you like to follow up on your freight costs over time? By calculating the freight cost of each individual shipment you gain full control over your freight costs. The cost is calculated based on your own agreements which ensure that you always get the correct freight cost.

Invoice handling

Invoice handling means that the electronic invoices from your carriers are uploaded and converted to a coherent format in Unifaun Enterprise. This gives you the possibility to visualize and compare freight costs from different carriers and to control freight costs and fees to your calculated prices.

QlikView FCM & Excel report

Using the Business Intelligence tool QlikView Unifaun Enterprise connects the invoice details and price calculations in a visual report that enables advanced follow up on shipment volumes, freight costs and invoices. QlikView FCM is fully integrated to Unifaun Enterprise and allows you to follow the development over time and gives you the possibility to filter your reports based on a number of parameters.