Inbound Management

“Yes, we have sent you the goods. They should be at your warehouse any minute.” Do you recognize this? For many companies there is an information gap between placing an order from your supplier to the delivery of your goods. Unifaun Inbound is about visibility and about taking control over your incoming shipments.

Manufacturing businesses and other B2B-companies often have several suppliers who regularly send goods to them. You are often dependent upon these deliveries for your own production but in spite of this you have limited or no control over the inbound transport flow. In Unifaun Inbound you gather all of your suppliers in one and the same TM-system which gives you full visibility and control. The individual supplier will only see their own shipments and you decide what right the supplier has regarding selection of transport service, time of booking etc.


With Unifaun Inbound you get full visibility over your inbound shipments. You know when the shipments are booked and what the latest shipment stats us. This means that you no longer have to guess when the delivery will come and that you can plan your own time and production better. In addition to seeing the latest shipment status you also have the possibility to see the calculated price of each shipment, which naturally means several advantages for you.


Our suppliers often used the wrong transport service before we implemented the Inbound solution. They could book a road service for a shipment that only weighed 2 kg. If they would have done the booking correctly and used a parcel service it would not only be much cheaper but would also be way faster. We have made a considerable saving only by ensuring that the suppliers book their shipment with the correct transport service. Without Unifaun Inbound this would have been almost impossible to do.

– Johan Hellman, Cargotec

Make sure that the correct transport service is used at the right time, this saves you both time and money. With Unifaun Inbound you have the possibility to centrally control the booking process of you suppliers and ensure that they book their shipments to you in a correct manner. You can decide what right your suppliers have and in that way adapt the booking to your processes. As an administrator of your suppliers’ accounts you can quickly do changes through templates that concern individual suppliers or all of them. As an example you can change carrier, account number or delivery addresses.