Integration Services

Integration Services is our service for integrating Unifaun Enterprise with your internal systems. This means that transport information is automatically transferred from your ERP- system, WMS-system or other system to Unifaun Enterprise. In that way you can work with your shipments in one system and at the same time reduce manual labor and the risk of mistakes.

The integration can be adapted to your needs and can be anything from a simple standard connection with automatic upload of transport information to the TM-system, to advanced integrations with built in business logic and reporting.

Integration with business logic

An integration can be more than “just” an information hub, our consultants will gladly help you with more advanced and customized integrations. When a transport order is generated by your ERP-system the integration can automatically choose the correct transport service, choose the correct account number, supplement the address information or handle other built in logic that helps you in your processes. With reporting back to your ERP-system you can handle your shipments directly from there and in your ERP-system get information such as calculated freight costs, the latest shipment status and other relevant information.

Each company has their own individual needs and we would therefore gladly have a discussion with you so that we together can find out how an integration can help you become even more efficient in your transport management.


Integration with automatic printing

If you want a simple solution for integration and automated printing of freight documents, Unifaun ApportConnect is the software for you. Instead of building an integration between your internal system and Unifaun Enterprise you can install Unifaun ApportConnect locally and it will handle both your integration and your printing.

With Unifaun ApportConnect you get a fast and easy integration that can be adapted to your needs. As an example you can book your shipments locally and automatically print freight documents on the correct printer at your warehouse. The rules are set up at installation and after that all you need to do is place a file with your transport information in a folder locally on your computer.