Outbound Management

Outbound Transportation Management gives you the possibility to gather all your outbound shipments in one and the same user friendly and flexible system. In that way you gain control, visibility and efficiency regarding your transports.

Possibilities for advanced administration

Unifaun Enterprise provides you with the possibility for advanced access settings on user level. This means that you can decide exactly what rights and possibilities that each user in the service has access to. An example of this could be that the financial department has the possibility to decide which carrier should be used for which transport whereas the warehouse personnel should have access to deciding when a certain shipment should be booked. If you have several warehouses perhaps you would like them to only see their own shipments while you as the administrator have a total overview. We will gladly take a discussion with you so that we together can find the solution that best suits you and your organization’s needs.

Optimize your booking process

With the help of a complete address book and individually adapted templates you can optimize your booking process and adapt the booking flow to your processes. You can pre-book shipments and update shipment information before sending the final order, you can consolidate shipments and attach freight documents in the booking. With Unifaun Enterprise there are vast possibilities to make your transport management more efficient, contact us and we will tell you more.

Follow up on your shipments

When you book your shipment in Unifaun Enterprise you can easily follow your shipment status through Track & Trace. The latest status is always displayed for all of your shipments in a coherent view and the information is continuously updated through our connection to the carriers. You can also choose to get different types of notifications when certain transport statuses occur or if there are any delays. In that way you can always be updated without having to log in to the service.

Your transport information is automatically saved in Unifaun Enterprise and this gives you the possibility for follow up and analysis of your transport flows. Through different types of reports you can gain an easy overview of your freight weights, delivery addresses or other information that is interesting for you and for your business.