TM for Advanced Logistics

Unifaun Enterprise is the TM-system for those who have more advanced needs. This can mean large quantities of shipments, handling of incoming shipments, advanced integrations or other – we have the solution for you.

A TM-system is basically a communication portal between shipper and carrier but with Unifaun Enterprise you take it a step further. In addition to validating and communicating transport information the service is built to develop, simplify and make your transport management more efficient on a higher level.

Unifaun have extensive experience from working with complicated transport issues and we have a history of successful implementation and long collaborations with large companies and 3/4-PL actors. Amongst others we can mention IKEA Industry and the Carcotec enterprise (Hiab, MacGregor, and Kalmar). You can thereby feel secure in having found a partner which you can grow with, now and in the future.