User stories

Unifaun TMS is designed to drive internal efficiency, controlling and reducing freight costs, as well as to provide increased customer service.

Read more below to to see how different customers are using Unifaun TMS, and how the service has affected their everyday.

The fact that the booking process is highly automated NDC saves a lot of administration and time. Read more about Bring / Scan NDC
All of Hästens shipments are now booked in Unifaun TMS. Previously, a simpler system for transport management was used, but there was no good link to the SAP business system, which meant a lot of information had to be written multiple times over and it became a lot of manual correction work. Read more about Hästens
Kyl & Frysexpressen is a transport company formed in 1897 that today has distribution all over Sweden. Their specialty is given by their name; they transport temperate goods, for example groceries for Sweden's largest food stores Ica and Coop, among others. Read more about Kyl & Frysexpressen
The steel group, Ovako, produces special steel for different sectors including the ball bearings industry. Production is mainly in the form of bar steel, and the raw material that is used consists basically of scrap metal from local sources. Read more about Ovako
Thule is a Swedish company that sells sports accessories such as travelling bags, ski bags, car bicycle racks etc. Read more about Thule
For vChain, trouble-free logistics goes without saying. Deliveries arrive on time, the right information is available to the right person at the right time, and bookings go smoothly. vChain jokingly says that they only connect when there’s a problem. No doubt because they’ve worked hard on the basics in order to tailor a logistics process based on the company’s needs, designed to run without problem. Read more about vChain