Digital advances led to visibility and efficiency for Airam

Airam Electric Oy is a Finnish company, which since 1921, has been reputed as a lighting expert. They make lamps, different light sources, electrical accessories, decorative lamps and leisure items among other things. The company’s products are sold in stores and department stores, hardware stores, electronics stores and by wholesalers. The head office is located in Kerava, near Helsinki in Finland, but the business is established both in Finland and Sweden with 50 employees and a turnover of around MEUR 47.

Airam previously used Posti’s Prinetti at their warehouse, which required them to enter all their address details manually for each parcel. The shipping labels were printed out but not the shipping documents, which meant that keeping Prinetti up-to-date was extremely time-consuming as all the work had to be done at the computer. It was also a challenge to keep track of shipments – finding or tracking them was almost impossible. For example, when someone from Sweden wanted to know the status of shipments, someone in Kerava was obliged to manually search for the shipment ID on the warehouse computer and then send the information to Sweden.

“People would rally around the computer, where everyone waited their turn to find something out, or to make a shipment.” says Anna Gustafsson, logistics manager at Airam.

When a customer’s contact information changed, Airam was obliged to update it manually in the records, which was not always done, so goods were sometimes sent to the wrong address. When sales staff at Airam received queries about shipments, it meant they had to call Airam’s customer services and ask them to log onto the warehouse’s computers to search for the information. This was obviously unnecessarily slow and time-consuming.

Airam started to use Unifaun in June 2015 and today uses Digia Enterprise as its ERP system, integrated into Unifaun and Digia Ote as WMS system. Airam wanted all information to be transferred automatically and this is what they have now got. Now, when an order is fully prepared and can be acknowledged as ready for shipment, the information is automatically transferred to Unifaun. When Unifaun started to be used, process visibility also increased. Sales staff can now track and see parcel status automatically in the system, and warehouse procedures have been streamlined exponentially as Unifaun has reduced the number of work phases.

Airam receives around 1,500 orders per day. Sales are however seasonal and the number of orders can double. “We couldn’t cope without Unifaun”, say Anna Gustafsson. Shipments are now easily tracked, both in Finland and at the sales office in Stockholm. As the work has been streamlined, Airam can now devote more time to its own core activities. Customer services and the warehouse also have more time left over, which is instead used to develop Airam.

Everyone at Airam feels that the user interface is clear and easy to use. “As a whole, the system works well and we haven’t had any problems. This was a big step for us digitally, something that we really needed” says Anna Gustafsson with a smile. “We no longer choose carriers if they don’t figure in Unifaun. Unifaun’s system is perfect for companies that perform similar activities to us”, concludes Anna Gustafsson.