Bring / Scan NDC

NDC stands for National Distribution Centre and is one of the most modern distribution centres in Sweden. NDC is located in Linköping and is Scan’s central warehouse, operated by Bring Frigoscandia owned by a third party supplier. The building is 9600 m2 and can accommodate 5000 full pallets and 15,000 unit loads. From here, all Scan’s goods are distributed to grocery stores, restaurants, food services and direct customers.


With an average turnover rate of two days NDC Scans distributes all goods to various destinations throughout Sweden. This places high demands on sound and well functioning logistics that minimise manual intervention and automate the flow to the highest possible degree. With so many goods and shipping addresses pre-orders are often different from the final shipment, which adds complexity and creates uncertainty for the hauliers.


NDC has from the start implemented Unifaun’s TM-system and customised the service to automate the large number of entries and updates. The service is integrated for inward to NDC and outward to the company’s various hauliers. During the period between pre-booking and the transport instruction regular updates are sent regarding the content of the booking.


The use of Unifaun’s TM-system has helped NDC enormously. The fact that the booking process is highly automated NDC saves a lot of administration and time. According to the company’s own estimate the time required to book a shipment manually is 20 times higher than booking a shipment through Unifaun’s TM-system. Another positive result is that the integrations achieved and the continuous updates enable NDC’s hauliers to optimise their routes, which has positive effects on both economy and environment.

Bring / Scan NDC