DHL is one of the largest freight companies globally. The company has four business areas: DHL Freight, DHL Global Forwarding, DHL Supply Chain and DHL Express.


As one of the very largest carriers DHL daily receive transport bookings in such numbers that manual handling of them is impossible. DHL in the Nordics therefore started using locally installed PC-based TM-systems in order to handle the transport bookings. These local systems were costly to administer and maintain.


The idea of digital transport bookings and EDI came from DHL’s needs to automate and simplify the transport booking process. The solution became changing the PC-based system to a cloud based TM-system: DHL Multishipping. With the help of DHL Multishipping the customers can gather all transport information, book their shipments and follow the latest shipment status – all in one and the same system. DHL Multishipping is delivered by Unifaun.


The Nordic logistic market is now world leading regarding digitalization and degree of EDI and DHL has been a driving force in that development. DHL has gone from a degree of EDI at 25 percent to more than 97 percent. That entails a significant save in both time and money.

DHL’s customers have gained an easier and significantly more efficient handling of their shipments at the same time as DHL internally has gained better efficiency and quality of information. Another positive effect of the TM-system is that the customers always have updated labels and other freight documents. In that way everything is correct through the transport process, which naturally adds to the customer offering.