Automatic flows and user-friendliness facilitate things for Didriksons

Didriksons 1913 was founded in Grundsund in 1913, as the company name suggests. They sell water and wind-resistant clothes, for adults, juniors and children. The headquarters and warehouse are located together in Borås from where goods are shipped around the world. The clothes are sold in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain and other countries through agents.

It was at the end of 2016 that Didriksons took the decision to change over from DHL’s transport booking system, DHL Multishipping, to Unifaun. In the system that is provided by Unifaun, customers are limited to booking transport only with DHL. As Unifaun are in fact behind the DHL Multishipping system, it was a simple changeover user-wise. Those who book transport at Didriksons felt immediately at home and could use multiple functionalities that they had previously used in DHL Multishipping.

Apport WMS and Unifaun integrated

The reason for changing Delivery Management system was that Didriksons started to work with the Apport WMS system. They requested Apport to integrate its system with Unifaun’s. Apport thus implemented an integration that Didriksons is very happy with today.

The greatest difference due to integration is that previously, Didriksons had to enter their complete customer list into Multishipping. Today, the addresses are automatically written to Unifaun from Apport. The integration thus saves a lot of time that can instead be used to focus on the company’s core activities.

Didriksons is delighted with both Unifaun and the integration. They feel that it is easy to understand and use, and not difficult for new users to learn. The Unifaun support desk has also been very helpful, which facilitates a lot of things when a company starts to use a new system.