Godsinlösen ships goods for the environment

For Godsinlösen, it all began when one of the founders saw at a previous job that tens of thousands of books were thrown away because of a minor printing error. It was a revelation when he realised that the company obviously was not the only one to do so and how much was thrown out every year. The current linear economy, where we exploit resources from nature, produce a raw material that is sold and then discard it, is what Godsinlösen actively works to counteract. They work for a circular economy where, instead of discarding broken or defective goods, they are stored and returned to the market.

Godsinlösen was started by Christian Jansson and Patrik Zalewski around 2012. They now have a staff of 60 employees and had a turnover of SEK 102 million in 2017. They work with different business sectors, including insurance companies, transport companies, e-commerce, etc. Their work processes vary depending on the customer and sector. In case of insured damages, for example, the goods are collected and renovated, then sold on Blocket, Tradera, in the company’s own shop ‘Returhuset’ or returned to the customer.

Good support resulted in a smooth integration

“Stefan from Unifaun has been with us since the start and has been able to foresee which requirements we will have in the future, which is something we really appreciate” Johan Skärblom, Godsinlösen system owner

From the beginning, Godsinlösen worked with Pacsoft Online to ship their goods, but during the spring of 2017, they wanted to develop their logistics in order to use more carriers. They chose Unifaun Online, which they have now integrated into their internal business system. Since they were familiar with the interface from Pacsoft, because Unifaun is also behind Pacsoft, they were able to use the system immediately without a long learning curve.

“I have had very good experiences with your support. It was my project to integrate the systems and I always received quick and expedient help when I needed it.”

When an insurance claim is registered in Godsinlösen’s system, a freight label is already printed out. It is sent via post to the customer’s home together with a brief pamphlet explaining the process. Then, the customer uses the label to send the goods to Godsinlösen. When the product has been corrected, the system generates a new freight label which is sent back to the customer. The items that Godsinlösen sells on Blocket, Tradera or in their shop are also sent with the help of Unifaun Online.

PickUpLocator gives freedom of choice

A rather new additional feature for Godsinlösen is Unifaun’s PickUpLocator function, which offers a choice of delivery method. By logging into My Pages at Godsinlösen, the customers can enter their post code to reveal a selection of pick-up points and carriers. This works because My Pages is a front-end side to the business system which, in turn is integrated with Unifaun.

Additional plans for Godsinlösen are in progress in order to find additional areas where they can apply the circular economy, find the holes in terms of sustainable development and then determine the ways to fill them. They will also launch an online shop for Returhuset and are now looking at various ways that Unifaun can contribute to this in the best possible manner.

“We recently launched an online shop for Returnhuset. We will be taking a look at Unifaun DeliveryCheckout and Mina Paket+ in connection with the continued growth,” concluded Johan Skärblom.