IP Group

IP Group is in the packaging industry. The company is a manufacturing company, combined with being dealers for various European suppliers. In 2010, it launched its own system with plastic pallets, and today the ambition is to be the industry standard in Europe. The last few years have been very successful for IP Group and in 2010 sales increased by as much as 500%.


With a rapidly increasing demand for projects, in-house manufacturing and development and sales, the IP Group had a great deal to handle in a limited time. As the workload increased, the company had to streamline its processes where possible.


IP Group began using Unifaun’s TM-system to handle its transport management. From the first day on which the service was used it was not long until the company developed its use and also implemented an integration between the TM-system and their internal ERP systems.


After the implementation and integration of Unifaun’s TM-system, IP Group noticed a big difference in the time required for transport management. The time saved could be spent on their core tasks and core competencies, which in particular lead to more business being won. In addition, the integrated overview of the company’s transport and the fact that the TM-system is internet based gave the company’s employees the ability to have full control of shipments even during business trips. Overall, Unifaun’s TM-system significantly simplified the everyday lives of IP Group and the company itself things that there are lots of facilities and help functions in the service. After working with the TM-system for some months, IP Group themtself refers to the service as ”… one of the best we have”.

IP Group