Junkyard improves its handling of returned goods


Junkyard started in 2002 as a small skate-shop but has today grown into the biggest Scandinavian online store for street fashion. They have their own brands SWEET SKTBS and JUNKYARD XX-XY but also a large selection of external brands. Junkyard wants to help you find your personal style and hit the perfect balance by combining fashion, street and sports.

Like many other online clothes stores, Junkyard faces some challenges when it comes to creating efficient processes in handling the returns from the customers.

When returning goods, Junkyard asks its customers to register the return on their website before using the enclosed return label and sending the package. The idea is that by decreasing the number of unreported returns, the manual registration for the warehouse staff will also decrease and in turn take less time from Junkyard. However, despite clear instructions not all returns are registered before sent and the consequence is more work for Junkyard and less control of the incoming returns.

Through an enhanced collaboration with Unifaun, Junkyard has now found a solution to this problem. By using a smart notification functionality the customers receive an automatically generated e-mail reminding them to register the product when their return label is scanned at the service point. After Junkyard started using this, the registrations of returns have increased considerably resulting in a greater control of what is on its way back.

“Before we started using the new notification functionality we already had a high level of registrations of returns. But with the new functionality we have increased registrations by 10% which is amazingly good! We hope to use this in more markets than Sweden and Norway shortly.” – David Lidén, Junkyard

Unifaun has collaborated with Junkyard for many years and see this automisation of processes as a positive thing and as one of many steps for the future of e-commerce.

”It is always fun to be challenged by our customers to find new solutions. And when the results turn out to be so great immediately, we ask ourselves how good it can get when we finetune the function a little bit more.” – Fredrik Warmark, Unifaun