A more defined delivery chain for Outotec

Outotec’s history stretches back to the 1940s in Outokumpu, Finland. In those days, the thrust of the Outotec business was mining. The company mainly produced machines and accessories for the mining industry, but today the focus is mining technology. Outotec offers solutions for sustainable use of natural resources such as the processing of minerals and metals. Roughly 150 people work in Outokumpu and the entire company employs about 1,350 people in Finland (2015). Outotec has operations in 10 cities in Finland with its headquarters in Esbo, as well as a number of offices in other countries. In 2015, Outotec boasted sales of Euro 1,200 million.

Outotec in Turula relieson the SAP ERP-system. For shipping labels Outotec previously used the Rahtari system. Rahtari is a text-based system which did not allow any standardisation of the bottom for standard shipping labels. The system also required a special printer for printing out shipping labels. This complicated system and constant issues with printouts caused unnecessary problems and costs. The biggest problem with the system was that only one person could use it at a time. In addition, there was no support for dealing with digital orders which meant that all processing/handling in the system needed to be printed out manually.

Unifaun has significantly streamlined Outotec’s operations. Unifaun is involved in the entire delivery chain from beginning to end, regardless of shipment or destination. Warehouse staff prepare the shipment, decide on the right mode of transport and shipper whenever it has not been determined in advance. The size of the shipment and any special requirements affect the final choice of shipping method. With Unifaun’s system, warehouse staff can easily choose the most advantageous shipping services, fill in shipping details or choose different additional services. Then an EDI is sent and the shipping documents and labels are printed out. All current and delivered orders can be tracked in SAP for maximum overview.

In the summer of 2016, Outotec Turula had been using Unifaun’s system for just over one year. Outotec Turula relies on five different shipping companies as well as a neutral shipper without EDI. The neutral shipper is used for producing shipping documents for shippers who cannot receive electronic freight orders.

Niko Hirvonen from Outotec explains that Unifaun’s system is extremely easy to use: “The system is clear and easy to use. Freight orders are handled smoothly since you can use ready-made standardised templates. Orders go directly to the freight companies without needing to phone and order or to ensure that the order has gone through. Moreover, we receive shipping reports straight out of the system.”