PWS Nordic

PWS Nordic is one of the leading players in the rational management of waste in Scandinavia. The company has a broad customer base which it supplies with a variety of products. The range includes everything from single bins to extensive underground landfills.


PWS Nordic had a need to move their off-site storage, change business system and start using one a single TM-system. The company chose to implement all these projects at once and also to set up an integration between the ERP system and the TM-system.


After an internal investigation PWS Nordic concluded that Unifaun’s TM-system was the system that best met the needs of the company. This led to an expansion of PWS Nordic’s use of Unifaun’s TM-system and also a set up of an integration to the ERP-system Pyramid Base.


PWS Nordic has now completed the various projects the company has initiated and has done so in parallel with a switch to Unifaun’s TM-system and setting up an integration to Pyramid Base. Within two weeks from the start of the project, all shipments were being sent from the company’s warehouse through the new integration. Through a simple implementation PWS Nordic has efficiently set up an account in Unifauns’s TM-system and implemented an integration to their ERP-system, all of this while the company managed several other time-consuming projects.

PWS Nordic