Skruvat lives on its delivery precision

Skruvat was founded in 2008 by Robert Risberg and Peter Jakobsson and today is the leading e-commerce site in the Nordic region for car parts, tyres, accessories and boat parts for private individuals and service shops. Over the past three years, sales have increased threefold percentage-wise and in 2016 reached SEK 300 million.

Within all e-commerce, optimisation of Logistics is of utmost importance for the business to operate. As Skruvat has grown, so has the need for more and more specialised functions. Three years ago, Peter Carlswärd was hired as head of logistics to keep developing logistics and ensure the continued growth of the company. That is a great deal to keep track of.

Skruvat handles all of its sales via its website, which is aimed at all the Nordic countries and the rest of Europe, locally adapted for language and customer service. To be able to offer its customers the products they are looking for, the company carries more than 600,000 items in its range. Most of the deliveries originate from the warehouse in Slagsta, just south of Stockholm, and some directly from 50 or so sub-suppliers throughout Europe.

“We live on our delivery precision but it is difficult to keep 600,000 products in stock. It is more like a dynamic base of 40,000 items which varies depending on the customers’ buying patterns,” explained Peter Carlswärd. Each day between 1,000 and 2,000 shipments are handled through Skruvat. With those types of volumes, it is vital that everything flows friction free. Unifaun’s system is integrated with the WMS system from Bitlog, but also directly to Skruvat’s website.

Unifaun has been working with Skruvat since the business was launched. It is a key component for ensuring that the logistics work. It is also easy for Skruvat to add a supplier or introduce other changes in its supply chain, and Unifaun’s system keeps up and supports these changes.

For Peter Carlswärd this is reassuring: ”It is a prerequisite for us to have a good delivery management system like Unifaun Online to be able to support our deliveries and in particular to enable us to adapt to new situations,” said Carlswärd. Peter Carlswärd points to the importance of giving customers good service. Perhaps the most important part of the service is keeping promises. In logistical terms, this means (among other things) delivering the item orders according to the terms promised at the time of the purchase.

Skruvat has already progressed a long way and lets the customer know right on the website when delivery can be expected. To further optimise delivery precision, information from Unifaun’s system is of key importance. ”We want to achieve even better precision in our deliveries. To do this, we need to keep a close eye on where deviations occur. By using data which Unifaun processes from the shippers, we can perceive delivery patterns and over time further improve delivery precision,” concluded Carlswärd.