Sonat is a company whose mission is to promote and develop its customers’ logistics functions and processes. Its high level of expertise, extensive experience and constant drive to improve are giving Sonat improved cost efficiency and competitiveness with its customers.


With many different types of customers with varying needs, abilities and levels of complexity, Sonat had to have a complete solution for its customers’ logistics. Sonat needed to develop, streamline and improve its processes to the point that the customers notice tangible improvements in their respective activities.


As part of their delivery, Sonat select a TM-system that is the optimal fit for each customers need. For most of their diverse customers this means that Sonat selects a TM-system delivered by Unifaun.


After implementing Unifaun’s TM-systems for a number of customers, Sonat has felt that the service delivers high quality. That is the reason for why Sonat has continued to us Unifaun’s TM-systems on many commissions. The service is described as “…affordable, easy and efficient.” Another reason for Sonat choosing Unifaun is that Unifaun’s TM-systems allows clients to expand their use of the TM-system in terms of both carriers and complexity. This is a very well fit with Sonat’s service as a major focus for Sonat is to develop the logistics processes of their customers as they grow.