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June 15, 2021
3 minutes

New! Get your tracking notifications directly in the My Parcels app

One of the Nordic’s most popular apps for tracking packages, My Parcels (called Mina Paket in Sweden and Paketit in Finland), is launching a new notification feature.

Carriers use different ways to inform consumers about the delivery status of their parcel such as SMS and email. Often, carriers send up to 4 text messages per shipment. The information can be quite extensive and therefore gets split up into 2 or even 3 text messages. Thus, carriers can be charged for up to 8-12 text messages per parcel. This cut up information can at the same time be hard for the consumer to keep track of.

The team behind the My Parcels app has developed a solution to that problem that allows customers to get information through one channel, and at the same time carriers are able to reduce SMS costs immediately.

“I believe carriers and e-tailers can communicate with their customers in a smart and effective way through the new notification feature in My Parcels, as the app is widely used among Swedish and Finnish consumers. Receiving information about their package in My Parcels and not through several text messages and emails improves the consumer’s overall delivery experience,” says Axel Lindgren, who is responsible for Innovation and Pre-Sales for My Parcels.

Notification feature to gather all tracking information

Through an API query to My Parcels’ database, carriers and e-tailers can identify whether a recipient has the app and tracks parcels. That way the information that normally would be sent in an SMS is instead sent as a notification in the app. This way, My Parcels ensures that the recipient receives the same information in the app as they would within the SMS, but with easier access and not split up into several different text messages.

The first carrier to use the new notification feature in My Parcels app is Early Bird, who are excited to improve their customers’ delivery experience.

“We are very happy to use My Parcels’ new feature. This gives our customers cohesive communication in a market-leading app. It also enables us to reduce the amount of communication channels and simplify our customers’ delivery experience,” says Pelle Lönn, CEO at Early Bird.

How to get started

This notification service is open to all interested carriers and e-tailers. Contact your sales representative at Unifaun or Consignor to learn how you can enhance your customers’ delivery experience and start saving money.

Contact us here.

About Early Bird:

Early Bird is a collaboration by Sweden’s largest media houses and their distribution companies. They work together day and night, to be able to offer the best delivery service possible. Early Bird’s distribution network covers almost all of Sweden, today about 95 % of the geography. The service turns to businesses in e-commerce that need to deliver smaller parcels to their customers without quittance. The distribution takes place at night, newspaper carriers hand out the parcels at the same time as the morning papers. Early Bird delivers bright and early and all the way to the recipient’s door or mailbox – smart and sustainable!

About My Parcels:

My Parcels is Unifaun’s market leading delivery tracking app with a 4.8 rating in App Store and Google Play. Consumers are able to track all deliveries in one app and stay updated about changes and delivery status through push notifications.