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March 22, 2021
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The effect of tracking preferences for conversion and customer happiness

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What is preference tracking

Preference tracking is a very broad term. When it comes to e-commerce, it is also known as conversion tracking. In other words, it’s a method that can help you increase the conversion rate and customer happiness.

How preference tracking works in e-commerce

When doing e-commerce, you have a web shop. To narrow it down to the minimum, this web shop has a home page, a menu, product pages and a shopping cart / checkout page.

Everything visitors do during their visit to your web shop can be tracked: scrolls, clicks, search terms, filters, etc. And the data is there for you to use. For example, what to people filter on most or what do people search for most. This is data you could use to your benefit: increase conversion. Needless to say that there are hundreds of options for conversion rate optimization by preference tracking.

Tracking preferences for web shop personalization

When a customer has an account in your web shop, you can also track personal preferences pretty easily. Let’s say you’re in fashion and your customer Ben has been looking for new sweaters last time he visited, but didn’t buy anything. Next time Ben visits your web shop, the homepage will show some new sweaters that have just arrived, with a button to check out all new arrivals, which are automatically filtered to size Medium, the size he usually buys.

Or maybe you’re all types of instruments for musicians, like guitars, mics, violins, whatever. Your customer Anna plays drums, you know that because she bought a professional drums set. Next time she returns to your web shop, you can show here additional items to add to her set so she can become the best drummer ever.

Alright, you get it. Many, many options to personalize a customer’s experience on your web shop. From small personalization changes, to a completely individual ecommerce experience. If will all add to the customer experience: their happiness, their satisfaction. And your conversion rate.

Preference tracking in your web shop check-out

So much for your web shop’s shopping pages. Let’s talk about our field of experience in ecommerce: check out and logistics! Those have become at least equally as important as the shopping experience itself.

When you order stuff online, you have to fill out one or multiple forms. This is the check-out process. Who are you, what’s the invoice address, what’s delivery option do you prefer, when you would it to be delivered and how you would like to pay (immediate online transaction, credit card, bank transfer, after receiving your goods, etc.). It’s fine to fill those forms out once. But imagine having to do that again and again with every order you place at that web shop…

Tracking & managing delivery preferences

All this personal check-out data can easily be stored and used to personalize the check-out experience for your customers. For example, I prefer to have my parcels delivered at a pick up point so I don’t have to be home and wait for the carrier, and I can just go and collect my parcel when I want to. I’d love for my go to web shops to save and manage my delivery options preferences.

All the e-commerce shipping options, or delivery options, you show in your web shop check out should already be the ideal options for your specific target group. And once someone became a customer and created an account: remember the delivery option & location and the preferred payment method for next time. Fill them out automatically for your customer when they check out next time. All they have to do then is check it and change it if needed. Now that’s great customer service! You’re going to have a lot of happy customers.

How to manage delivery and transport preferences

Our Transport and Delivery Management Software offers solutions for both your web shop check-out, with delivery and pick up options, and the entire logistics process from picking & packing until delivery and return. That way we can help you with conversion rate optimization, your customer’s preferences and customer satisfaction. And don’t forget your own preferences, which are also very important! We’ll gladly help you setting those up in the system.

And while we we’re talking about tracking already, make sure your customers get the delivery experience they deserve: keep them updated on their parcel’s whereabouts at all times via automated status updates and tracking & tracing.

Give it to me

Would like some help optimizing your web shop check out and logistics process? We can give it to you! Please contact us for more information on our e-commerce solutions and find out what the effect is on your conversion rate and customer satisfaction!

Author: Sarah Pilasky

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