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March 30, 2021
2 minutes

The importance of a great webshop checkout

It has never been more important to have relevant delivery options in your webshop checkout. With today’s hectic lives, your customers will want to choose where to have their package delivered every time they buy something online. They might want it delivered to the office, to a pick-up point, home, or somewhere else, and in some areas it can be a great advantage if the package is delivered by a specific carrier. This advantage often depends on how extensive the carrier agent’s network is.

A decade ago, all of the big e-commerce companies only offered one delivery option. This wasn’t because there was only one carrier back then, but because the consumers didn’t demand any better alternatives. Shipments were sold on a volume basis, and e-retailers got higher prices if they spread out their volumes over multiple carriers. Delivery to a pick-up point within 2–5 days was standard and totally acceptable then. And today, totally unimaginable! The e-tailers who currently offer their customers only one delivery option find it difficult to keep their customers satisfied and loyal.

The overall experience of an online purchase is today the e-retailer’s biggest asset and at the same time biggest challenge. The end consumers are rightly picky and if the webshop doesn’t give any desirable delivery options, there are always others who do.

Satisfied customers return and when customers feel that they can control when and how they receive the goods in the same way that they can control when and how they shop, they will be more satisfied.

With Unifaun DeliveryCheckout you can give your customers more freedom of choice. Each customer in your webshop can choose between the different shipping options that you have defined.

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Author: Erica Luuk

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