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March 22, 2021
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Why you can’t go without automated status updates

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Thank you for your order

When you plan on buying stuff online, you’ll probably have a look at how long it will take to have that stuff delivered to your home, right? And when that time span is acceptable to you, you proceed to order. Next, you’ll receive an email that says something like ‘thank you for your order’. What a letdown it is when that’s all you get… you want to track your parcel’s every move!

Automated status updates is child’s play

Now, why do so many ecommerce players still choose not to keep customers updated on the logistics status of their order? That should be child’s play by now. I mean, the order goes through a logistics tracking & tracing process in which it gets scanned multiple times: when it gets picked & packed, when it leaves the warehouse, when it’s inside the carrier’s main distribution center (DC), when it left the main DC for a local, smaller DC, when it gets placed inside the carrier’s van and is ready to be delivered, and last but not least: when it’s being delivered, just before they hand out the package to you.

The data is there already. Do something with it!

Customers want to know what’s going on. They ordered something, they feel like it’s theirs already and they want to track and follow their parcel during every part of its little journey. If you don’t update them on the status of their parcel, they will just get frustrated. For sure if it takes over 3 days without any sign of ‘life’. And what happens then?

You guessed right: the unsatisfied customers will contact your support staff via email or preferably via online chat or phone. Meaning your support colleagues have to deal with rather unhappy – furious customers that want to know when the heck their order will be delivered. And your colleagues have to look it up, one by one, if they have the information available at all. Very time consuming. Not very fun. And above all, not necessary!

Customer satisfaction through status updates

The status data of orders and shipments is available. This can easily be translated into automated status updates. Your customers will receive an email telling them everything about their parcel’s whereabouts. These automated status updates and parcel tracking result in a much higher customer satisfaction rate. Your customers will be so happy with you sharing the data about their order!

Also, you can receive the data back in your ERP, WMS, E-commerce or Delivery Management system as well, so you know where your shipments are at any time. As a result, you’re on top of things. You can even get notified when there’s an unexpected delay, meaning you can proactively inform your customers about it. If that isn’t just great customer service, I don’t know what is.

Conversion optimization & automated status updates

The customer already bought something, so why would automated status updates do anything for your conversion rate? Well, knowing what’s happening at all times, knowing when your order is on its way to your home (yay! Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait!), it all adds to the entire customer journey, the customer experience, from purchase until delivery. And in some cases including a return. When all that is handled and communicated well, your customers will really, really like you. And happy customers are much more likely to purchase with you again.

Why you can’t go without automated status updates

So yes, managing the delivery experience by providing your customers with correct and sufficient information about their order, and sending them automated status updates will definitely help you optimize and increase both your conversion rate and your customer satisfaction rate. In addition to that, it will save you time and will make your support staff feel like they’re on top of things. Win-win!

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Author: Sarah Pilasky

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