Possibilities for carriers

One often speaks about how shippers have a lot to gain from working with a TM-system but it is often at the carrier side that the real efficiency benefits are to be found. A high degree of EDI is often a prerequisite for the larger carriers’ business and for smaller carriers the digital transport bookings are an efficient tool for growth.

Do you receive your transport booking over telephone and through e-mail?

Good, that means that you have the possibility to gain a lot! The time you spend on manually receiving transport bookings may not be something you think about in your everyday business but the fact is that carriers often spend several hours per day on this. Can your company grow without simultaneously having to increase the amount of time and personnel spent on handling and controlling transport bookings? Read more about connecting to Unifaun’s TM-systems and about digitally receiving your transport bookings.

Are you working with EDI today?

Great! That means that you have come a long way to efficiently handle your transport bookings. Maybe now it’s time to take it a step further and to use the full potential of a TM-system. Unifaun’s TM-systems provide you with great possibilities for development. You can get your own public booking portal on your webpage, get your own TM-system where you have an efficient channel for communication and additional sales towards your customers or let us handle your Direct EDI.

With a customer portal of your own you gather all your customers in one and the same system. You give a professional impression and provide an attractive offer to your customers while simultaneously growing more efficient in your own business. We offer a number of different customer portals where you can grow in size and complexity as your needs and the needs of your customers grow.