Connect to Unifaun

More than 100 000 shippers are booking their shipments with different carriers through our TM-systems. For the customer it is about gathering all of their shipments in one and the same place and many carriers start working with EDI and TM-systems by requests from their customers.

By connecting to our carrier neutral TM-systems you will make your services available to all of the users in the service and provide them with the possibility to book their shipments with you. In that way you will get exposure to thousands of potential customers without having to administer a TM-system yourself. Al that you need to do is connect through e-mail or EDI.

When your customers book their shipments through Unifaun’s TM-systems they will automatically receive all freight labels and freight documents needed. We ensure that the documents and labels are up to standard and you twill thereby give a professional impression to your customer.

Read more about the alternatives below.


With self-service your customers book their shipments in Unifaun’s TM-systems. You have your own log in to the service and can view all of the shipments registered to your company. From the same view you can also choose to confirm bookings, add status information and download the transport bookings in Excel format.

Mail booking

With a mail booking you don’t need to log in to Unifaun’s TM-system. Instead you will get your transport bookings sent to you through structured e-mails. The message contains all relevant transport information and you can easily confirm the bookings through the push of a button.

Standard EDI

With EDI you will get all of your transport bookings in a digital format. Instead of having the transport information sent to you in structured e-mails it is communicated in digital EDI format according to the Unifaun standard. This enables direct integration to your internal systems and status reporting back to the customer in our TM-systems.

Customized EDI

Customized EDI means that the transport bookings are sent digitally and that the EDI standard is adapted to your format. With a customized EDI you can integrate Unifauns’s TM-systems to your systems and update your customers with the latest shipment status.