Public booking

A public booking means that you get your own booking portal on your webpage. In that way your customers can book their shipments to you without having to call or send an e-mail.

With your own public booking you display a coherent view to the customers and increase your degree of digital transport bookings. A standardized booking process that doesn’t require log in makes sure that the customers give you the information you need – in the correct way – and the service also validates the information given by the customer to ensure that it is correct. When the customer books their shipment they are provided with accurate freight documents and labels and in that way you ensure that your customers’ goods are labeled correctly with coherent and updated documents.

The public booking is a simple alternative developed to make it easy for occasional users to understand and use the service. Your customers are guided through the booking process and can quick and easily book their shipments with you through computer, mobile phone or tablet.

A public booking is most suitable when you have smaller customers who make occasional bookings. If you want to offer your customers individual log in where they can save their own address book, follow shipment statuses etc. you should look at getting a booking portal of your own instead.