Simplify your Direct EDI

Many carriers have several customers who use Direct EDI to book their shipments. It is an efficient way to communicate transport information but it often requires a lot of time and administration.

A new customer through Direct EDI means that you have to connect your systems to the customers’ systems. This can be very time consuming and for many larger carriers the setup of one single customer requires around 6 months of work. When the integration is set up you have to maintain the individual connections with several customers and take each one into account when you make even the smallest of changes.

With our integration portal we offer you a simpler way to handle your Direct EDI. We set up a connection to your systems and take the role of an information hub between you and your Direct EDI customers. We at Unifaun have extensive experience from working with standardized as well as customized integrations and you will thereby get one single competent counterpart for all of your Direct EDI.

Your customers will not experience any difference in their work flow: Unifaun’s systems are set up in the background and your customers can do all of their work through Direct EDI without ever having to log in to any TM-system. Through our extensive experience and our ready-made connections with many ERP-systems the difference for the customers can instead be that they will get a faster set up and connection.

If you would like to know more about how we can help you make your Direct EDI more efficient you are welcome to contact us here.