Your own customer portal

With your own customer portal you get your own TM-system to offer your customers. Apart from giving a professional impression this also provides you with great possibilities for standardization, communication and additional sales.

Having your own TM-system means that your degree of digital transport bookings and EDI will increase faster than if you choose another alternative. You will offer a coherent and well thought out web service to your customers and help them to easily get started with their digital transport bookings. You will soon reach ROI in monetary as well as timely aspects through automated registration flows, simple administration of customers and other smart functionality in our TM-systems.

Unlike the public booking portal your own customer portal is locked to the customers you select. The customer needs to log in in order to book their shipments and this brings several advantages for you. Many carriers use the TM-system as a way to provide customized services to their very best customers. For the customer the private log in gives them access to several valued functionalities such as address book and different types of templates. A highly appreciated service that also relieves your customer service is to offer Track & Trace where the customers themselves can follow the latest status of their shipments.

Your own customer portal is a very efficient means for communication to your customers. The customer is regularly logged in to the service and has focus on their shipments which provides you with the optimal time for communication. As an example; many carriers choose to inform their customers about new transport services through their own customer portal. There are near endless possibilities with having your own customer portal and we will gladly tell you more about them.

With a Customer portal Base you can quickly get started with your own customer portal and begin to let your customers book their shipments digitally.

  • Get started immediately with fast set up
  • Simple registration of new customers
  • Functionality to book shipments and print relevant freight documents
  • Access to shipments status and history
  • Possibility for add-ons to your customers (notifications, statistics, integration to ERP-systems etc.)
  • Your own logotype in the service

Customer Portal Plus

With Customer Portal Plus you will get all the functionality from Customer Portal Base and in addition to this you will also gain access to further valuable functionality.

  • Adapted look and feel with you own logotype and color scheme in the entire service
  • On-boarding module with registration flow for easy registration of new customers
  • Log in module to integrate in your own website