TM for Carriers

What is a TM-system?

TM stands for transport management and it is a service built to simplify the communication between the carrier and the shipper. In its most basic form this means that you as a carrier will receive digital and standardized transport bookings while your customers get a simplified handling of their shipments.

Connect to our web-based TM-system and let your customers book their shipments through a carrier neutral service or get your own customer portal where you gather all your customers. We offer a scalable service where you can grow alongside with your customers and easily adapt the service after your needs.

How does it work?

The customer register their shipment in the TM-system, the service validates the information, transforms it to EDI and sends the information to you. Instead of receiving your transport bookings manually you will get them straight in to your internal systems without the need for any manual intervention. When the customer books their shipments through our TM-systems they will automatically get correct freight labels and other relevant freight documents. This means that your customers’ goods always will be labelled correctly and you will thereby save time in both administration and in production.

Why Unifaun?

The most important collaboration partner for Unifaun is, and will always be, carriers. Since the middle of the 1990’s we have collaborated with the largest leading carriers on the nordic market. We are now the market leading company within transport management (TM) in the Nordic market and help hundreds of carriers to efficiently increase their level of EDI.

  • Over 100 000 companies use our services
  • More than 800 000 shipments per day are sent through our services
  • Over 99,97 % availability

This makes us one of the most important relationships a carrier can have. Please read more about how we can help you or contact us and we will tell you more!

Our experience of electronic bookings is that it definitely is a win-win for both the carrier and for the customer. It is our definitive opinion that everybody gains from working with EDI.

Per Granlund, Ahola Transport