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We take care of over 1.000.000 shipments in our transport management systems every day. Connect to Unifaun and make your services available to our entire shipper market.

Connect to access and serve the entire shipper market

Over 100.000 companies use Unifaun

More than 1.000.000 shipments per day are sent through our transport management servicesThis makes us one of the most important relationships you as a carrier can have.  

We provide the market leading systems Unifaun Online and Unifaun TMS. We have over 20 years of experience in delivering booking portals for some of the major carriers in Europe, such as PostNord, DHL, DB Schenker and Posti.

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Benefits of joining Unifaun

Benefits of joining Unifaun

  • Official
  • Standardized
  • Validated
  • Track & Trace
  • Integrated

Different ways to connect

Connect to Unifaun

Connecting to Unifaun will make your services available to all our customers and will provide them with the possibility to book their shipments with you. That way you will get exposure to thousands of potential customers without having to administer a system yourself. 

How it works
Our customers 
register shipments, we validate the information, transform it to EDI and send the information to you. You will receive the transport bookings straight into your internal systems without the need for any manual intervention.The customers booking the shipments, will automatically receive all freight labels and freight documents needed. We ensure that the documents and labels are up to standard. The customers will thereby get a very professional impression of you.

Customer Portal

Get your own customer portal to offer your customers your own system. Apart from giving them a professional impression, this also provides you with great possibilities for standardization, communication and additional sales.

Having your own system means that your degree of digital transport bookings and EDI will increase faster than when you choose another alternative. You will offer a coherent and well thought out web service to your customers and help them to easily get started with their digital transport bookings. You will soon reach ROI in monetary as well as timely aspects through automated registration flows, simple administration of customers and other smart functionalities in our systems.


With Customer Portal Base you can quickly get started with your own customer portal and begin to let your customers book their shipments digitally.

  • Get started immediately with fast set up.
  • Simple registration of new customers.
  • Functionality to book shipments and print relevant freight documents.
  • Access to shipments status and history.
  • Possibility for add-ons for your customers (notifications, statistics, integration to ERP-systems, etc.).
  • Your own logo in the service.




With Customer Portal Plus you will get all the functionality from Customer Portal Base, plus gain access to further valuable functionality:

  • Adapted look and feel with your own logo and color scheme in the entire service.
  • On-boarding module with registration flow for easy registration of new customers.
  • Log in module to integrate into your own website.

Public booking

With the carrier’s transport service in the background, public booking is a great way to offer a booking interface for ad-hoc customers. The interface can be branded with your own colour scheme and logo.

All attributes of the transport service, with additional services and validation, is transferred to public booking. The interface is dynamic and the different steps of the booking process and what information should be filled in, is decided by you and Unifaun during the implementation phase.

The shipper can create freight documents and get a booking confirmation with tracking-link.

Carrier network

Traditionally, the major focus of carriers that work with Unifaun has been to be able to receive bookings from the booking party. Recently, there has been a shift to where carriers have understood the possibility of also being able to use Unifaun to book their transport assignments or parts of the assignment with other carriers.

Unifaun has a large carrier library. As a carrier you can have an integration to your TMS and through that distribute orders to subcontractors. Unifaun takes the information that is submitted and converts it into the format that is predetermined with the specific carrier booked (XML, Rest –API, EDIFACT, etc.).

When you use Unifaun to book shipments, you also have the opportunity to get transport statuses on what is booked.

Proud to call some of the most successful carriers our customers

Do as DHL, Posti, DB Schenker and PostNord: connect to Unifaun

Carrier Library

Suppliers of carrier systems

Some of the major carrier TMS vendors on the market are connected to Unifaun, letting you as a carrier seamlessly use a combination of our systems.

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