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Since we are photographers, we know how it should look. What we sell is art, not “just” photography. Fredrik at Arteme

Arteme sells framed photographs and has a vision that more people should be able to afford photographic art on their walls. Instead of buying an expensive print, Arteme wants to make art accessible for the common man for a price that everyone can afford. 

Every photograph that is sold is printed in a limited run of 50 copies. They are printed in matte paper and framed without glass in order to keep the depth in the image and avoid reflections. Since most people working at Arteme are photographers, they have a wide network of contacts among photographers and a good eye for what works well as art on the wall. 

Options and simplicity were the philosophy both internally and externally

We want to be able to offer our customers options

When Arteme started off in autumn 2018, they were entirely new to logistics. They were given a recommendation about Unifaun and began to do their research. The option of booking with only one carrier was never a choice, because they want to be able to reach everywhere. With only one carrier, there is a risk that they do not reach all locations in Sweden and abroad. They also want to be able to compare carriers in order to see which work best and which offer the best freight alternative. Instead, Unifaun Online was chosen, where they can choose among most of Swedens carriers for shipment. 

Arteme never worked with logistics before, they realised immediately how important simplicity is when buying online. It should be easy for the customers to order and there should be options in the checkout. For this reason, the decision was made from the start to incorporate Unifaun DeliveryCheckout in the checkout so that the customers could choose how they want their goods delivered. 

A simple click and logistics management is taken care of 

For us, it is important that everything in logistics is simple. Now we can simply click on a button and everything is printed out.

In order to save time and make logistics management as smooth as possible, Arteme integrated their e-commerce system Woocommerce directly with Unifaun with the help of an integration built by Mediastrategi. The administration is much easier and risks for errors are reduced because the systems are coupled together.

When an order comes in to Woocommerce, Arteme sees it immediately in Unifaun. Fredrik, who works in the warehouse, clicks on the order and prepares the photo print that is ordered. Then, he goes into Unifaun Online and prints out a label and writes in Woocommerce that the order is finished. All of the information filled in by the customer when they placed the order, including choice of freight, is already transferred, so the only thing Fredrik has to do is click a button and everything is printed out. Because the weight and dimensions are the same every time, support has helped Arteme create a template, so they are already filled in ahead of time.  
It was foundational work for Arteme to set up the entire logistics management, which is now in operation, but Arteme is very happy that they chose to couple the systems together and enable all functions from day one. Now they no longer have to think about logistics at all, because everything runs automatically. 

It isnt always easy for us to figure things out, but as soon as something came up, we only had to call the salesperson or support and they resolved it. The support has helped us so much! concluded Fredrik