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The Asmet Group has been equipped with the Unifaun TMS solution, integrated with IFS Polska, which means quick reaction to market changes and adapting the cooperation with carriers to the realities and needs at hand. Asmet is one of the Poland’s largest providers of comprehensive supply services for fasteners for building machinery and equipment for the construction, power, petrochemical, agricultural and automotive industries. Asmet is both a manufacturer and distributor. In addition to standard fasteners, the company’s product range includes special screw products, custom-made to meet the specific needs and expectations of customers (bespoke dimensions, shape, materials, protective coatings, etc.). All of this requires us to keep an assortment of 40,000 items in stock, with a further 50,000 items available on request. Managing such an extensive range of products and ensuring the highest quality of service entails the need to ensure efficient logistics in the loop between the supplier, Asmet and the client. Therefore, in order to ensure smooth operation of the supply chain of both raw materials and finished products, the company has made the decision to invest in the innovative Unifaun TMS solution, integrated with IFS Polska’s ERP system.

Collaboration between Unifaun and Asmet

The arguments in favour of choosing the Unifaun solution were the existing references from Poland, the large volume of available carriers and the opportunity to avoid the need to develop and apply costly customisations of the ERP system, as well as the prospect of an easy switch to the WMS system in the future. We have chosen to implement the Unifaun solution firstly as a result of the workshops and presentation of the system in action at Thule, and secondly, after an initial discussion on integration with IFS Polska’s ERP system and after verification of carriers accessible through Unifaun. Other important factors were the product lead time and, of course, the cost of the solution – said Tomasz Dębicki, Logistic Manager, OEM/OEM Customer Service Department (Kanban, JIT)

What were the top priorities for the company?

Asmet prioritised implementation time and avoidance of customisation and development of the ERP system, as well as a quick and trouble-free switch to the WMS down the road. An advantage for ASMET is quick reaction to market changes and adaptation of the business with the carriers to the realities and needs at hand. 

What has Asmet gained?

An additional benefit is the collaboration with Unifaun, which is among the few companies to implement and generate labels and shipment documents in accordance with carriers’ standards. This protects the Asmet Group from interruptions in access to transport systems, enables the generation of labels and uninterrupted dispatching work. This facilitates the quick adding of new Asmet Group carriers to the system. The system helps to accommodate the growing requirements of customers, especially in the development of the service of the comprehensive delivery of fasteners to assembly lines directly (Just-In-Time deliveries of fasteners).My feeling is that through Asmet’s approach, we are building long-term relationships with logistics partners with whom we improve together, and we always develop our business on the basis of mutual respect – summarised Tomasz Dębicki, Logistic Manager, OEM/OEM Customer Service Department (Kanban, JIT)