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Dellner couplers is a Swedish company with around 1000 employees globally and a 200 MEUR Revenue (2018). The company serves leading train builders all over the world with full Train Connection Systems including couplers, gangways, hatches, dampers and crash management systems, complemented by after sales care a​nd support.

What Dellner was looking for and found in Unifaun TMS was to have one platform to operate in and to collect the overall visibility and statistics globally. They now use Unifaun TMS for transport management in England, Poland & Sweden. It is used for inbound and outbound deliveries, exporting parts for their internal production between the companies as well as the final product, “Rail connection systems”, directly to the end customers.

One of the Key functionalities in Unifaun TMS for Dellner will be the overall freight cost control function and the Analytics follow up.

Above all, one of the big savings is being able to set standards for users, eliminate mistakes and raise the level of knowledge with templates. Carrier select is also something we have expectations on as we will strive to have alternative agreements all the time.  Bill Glad, Global Transport Manager Dellner Couplers AB