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MaserFrakt started its activities back in 1939, and was a traditional carrier from the very start. With around 700 trucks and 600 machines, the company is today one of Sweden’s largest carriers. Last year, the business had a turnover of just over SEK 1.8 billion and they hope to break through the SEK 2 billion barrier in 2018. 

The company has its head office in Borlänge and the group consists of two operating companies, Equipment and Distribution. The distribution section covers the transport of foodstuffs, industrial and general cargo, as well as private shipments where they act as agent for DSV, Bring & Onroad.   

MaserFrakt started to collaborate with Unifaun in 2012, and today they have a customer portal from Unifaun as well as so-called public booking for customers who book more sporadically. In addition, they feature as an official carrier in Unifaun’s Delivery Management system, where a potential 100,000 companies can book transport with them.  

MaserFrakt has not obliged any of its customers to start booking digitally with EDI, but has rather encouraged them. Bookings still come in by e-mail, telephone and in some cases by fax. Today, manual bookings account for 51% of business compared to 49% for digital bookings but digital bookings are increasing steadily and will soon overtake manual ones. 

The biggest advantages of the transition towards standardised transport orders via EDI is a significant reduction of time spent on administration. Transport managers get to work with the right tools, to plan effective transport. Another big advantage is that MaserFrakt can entrust a lot of the technical discussions on integration and printouts to Unifaun, who offer free support. Something that previously was very time-consuming.  

“We’ve gone from a MSEK 200 turnover (1998) to almost SEK 2 billion without needing to increase the number of order clerks over the same time span, something that would have been impossible without EDI” Thomas Eklund, MaserFrakt 

The truth is that we save time for both MaserFrakt and the customer. MaserFrakt can also offer a better customer experience via, among other things, status events (Track and Trace), where delivery statuses are sent to Unifaun from MaserFrakt’s TMS (Transport Management System).  

“There can certainly be a little customer resistance to change. But once customers have got going with standardised bookings via Unifaun, they are all delighted and recognise the advantages.” Thomas Eklund, MaserFrakt 

For the future, Thomas believes that it’s important to devise good customer contact interfaces, where they have the possibility to connect electronically with their carriers. To be able to offer transparent transport where customers feel they are in control and are able to get information. 

“If I had to summarise our recipe for success in one word, I’d say FLEXIBILITY. Something that we’ve been able to deliver to a greater extent than many of our competitors. Our gut feelings about Unifaun have been good from the start and no challenges have been felt to be impossible” Concludes Thomas Eklund