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Deliveries arrive on time, the right information is available to the right person at the right time, and bookings go smoothly. vChain jokingly says that they only connect when there’s a problem. No doubt because they’ve worked hard on the basics in order to tailor a logistics process based on the company’s needs, designed to run without problem.

As a 4PL company, vChain functions as an external logistics department, or control tower. They take on all sizes of company, provided that the latter have a reason to seek their expert help. This can mean anything from sending goods to several different markets, having a complex Inbound flow, or as in one case, helping a customer who only shipped within Sweden, but offered his customers nine different means of delivery.

Deliveries 24/7 require a stable delivery management system

“We chose Unifaun as it was the most developed platform. The most complete.” Nils Johan Törnström, vChain

Before vChain started, they realised that a large part of their operations would be in the form of a high-performance Delivery Management system. So they carried out a thorough evaluation study in order to find the best system on the market, and opted for Unifaun in the end.

vChain built its platform on top of Unifaun’s system and today has a tailored layout profile, which means that it looks like vChain’s own platform.

Stability and accessibility are important if everything is to work well. vChain makes around 1,000 bookings per day to ship anywhere in the world, every day of the week and even at night. If the system were to go down or be disrupted in some way, this could spell disaster for many of their companies. vChain is absolutely delighted with Unifaun’s system stability.

Inbound, outbound and drop shipping

vChain takes full responsibility for its customers’ transport logistics, which means that all flows are managed, including Inbound and so-called drop shipping, which is not routed via customers, but goes directly from the supplier to customers’ own end-customers. Many of vChain’s customers demand that their business systems can be integrated with the Delivery Management system, which vChain is happy about. An integration results in an effective booking process and vChain is working actively to encourage as many of their customers as possible to work with an integrated system.

Few of Unifaun’s customers fully use the system as vChain does, with many extra functionalities and add-ons. Among the functionalities they appreciate most are notifications, which go out to customers with delivery information, Unifaun’s control tower, which signals if something has not arrived or is delayed, and follow-up, where you can fetch data from Unifaun for such things as customer invoicing and statistics.

But basically, it all comes down to transport bookings and connections to different carriers. In order for vChain to be able to do their job, carrier connections must work well. This is the most important component and they trust Unifaun to be able to deliver this.