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Logent is an independent logistics partner with the possibility of offering comprehensive solutions for the entire logistics chain. They tailor solutions for customers with respect to warehouse, transport management, customs, harbours and staff. The company is now 12 years old and a major player in Scandinavia with 3 000 employees and a turnover of SEK 1.5 billion.

Transport Management is an extremely fast-growIng actIvIty wIthIn Logent. The solution is geared towards industrial companies with complex global flows.

”We see a greater need from industrial companies for our help with taking control of and developing their transport logistics. With Logent’s niche competence and solutions, we design effective transport solutions and take responsibility for operations in progress”, says Fredrik Strömberg, Managing Director for Logent Transport Management.

50 customers live with Unifaun TMS

Unifaun TMS is used in all of Logent’s roughly 50 customers within transport management. It is the component that the end customer encounters in connection with transport booking and tracking. Logent and Unifaun have collaborated for more than 10 years.

”Unifaun’s IT solution is an important component in the holistic solution within transport management that we offer our customers”, says Fredrik Strömberg.

The foundation in the transport management solution is the same for all of Logent’s customers. This allows Logent to take a comprehensive approach to all of the customer’s transport flows to ensure cost-efficiency and the right quality. The physical flows are designed and tailored based on the customers’ needs. Examples of the focus areas which usually arise include taking control of the inbound flow, designing and establishing consolidation solutions, enabling shorter lead times and streamlining customs solutions, etc.

After the initial logistics solution is designed and established with the customer, Logent’s work mainly involves continuous improvement work. This can comprise changing the booking behaviour, consolidation of flows, streamlining routines with carriers, etc.

With Unifaun, Logent can direct and control transport flows with their customers. Correct and accessible data are necessary for Logent, where it is a way to ensure that everything works as it should and see where there are areas for improvement.

Integration capability is key

”Unifaun and Logent also has a close collaboration when it comes to integrations with the customer’s business system”, says Fredrik Strömberg.

With implementation of the transport management solution for larger customer companies, Logent and Unifaun normally have joint meetings with customers in order to develop the right solution for the customers. With the collaboration of specialists from the different companies, it is ensured that processes are designed in an effective manner and that Unifaun TMS is integrated in order to save time in administration and reduce the risks for errors. It is primarily Unifaun’s competence and flexibility that Logent appreciates in the collaboration, not to mention the international breadth. Logent’s customers are often globally operative, which requires that all parties involved can handle global flows and all modes of transport.

”Unifaun’s system is extremely broad and works for numerous different customers and its breadth and stability are some of the things that we appreciate about Unifaun”, concludes Fredrik Strömberg.