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Kyl & Frysexpressen is a transport company formed in 1897 that today has distribution all over Sweden. Their specialty is given by their name; they transport temperate goods, for example groceries for Sweden’s largest food stores Ica and Coop, among others. In addition to their own approximately 85 trucks, they also have other carriers working for them, which adds up to several hundred trucks and drivers in their network.

For about 5 years, Kyl & Frysexpressen has used Unifaun. It began with Scan and Axfood wanting to simplify their transport bookings and therefore asked them to start using the system. Unifaun has now become a booking portal for all Kyl & Frysexpressen’s customers, which has removed all the manual work with bookings that existed before. They have also integrated Unifaun with their business system Hogia Mobilast which means that the information about the bookings go directly into Hogia Mobilast and the traffic controllers can take care of the orders without having to enter any information. At the same time, the customers receive waybills and labels from Unifaun.

The drivers scan the QR code with their smartphone

“By using Unifaun’s Mobile Status feature, our customers no longer have to call us to ask where the goods are, now they can always see the latest status themselves. It also enables us to secure that we are delivering according to our agreements.” Robert Flodman, Transport/Sales Manager Kyl & Frysexpressen

In recent years, there has been a need from Kyl & Frysexpressen’s customers to see where the goods are located. To be able to follow the package without calling customer service. Most alternatives available on the market to solve this would mean either multi-million SEK in the purchase of, for example, QR code scanners, or a lot of work in educating the drivers how to use a certain app with the requirement to enter special information etc.

Instead, Kyl & Frysexpressen found Unifaun’s Mobile Status feature. With Mobile Status, a QR code is added to all pallet labels that the drivers can then scan using the camera in their smartphone. With more than 100 drivers, many of whom are not employed by Kyl & Frysexpressen, who should be able to scan, it is a great advantage that the only thing required is a camera function in a smartphone.

The drivers now scan all pallets when they have loaded and when they have unloaded at a terminal or at a receiver. At the same time, both Kyl & Frysexpressen and the customer can see the status and thus always be updated about where the goods are. Mobile Status also interacts with Unifaun Analytics, where data can be analyzed, and Status Push, which allows other systems to respond to a status.

The control tower provides further clarity

Through the Control Tower at Unifaun, Kyl & Frysexpressen can get a clear overview and search for shipments, customers and dates. They can see the status of all orders and see if anyone has forgotten to scan the code and set the status, that way they can remind the driver to make sure everyone is using the function.

The statuses also help Kyl & Frysexpressen to quickly spot the missing link when a shipment is late and correct that. This is a very simple way to make sure the agreements are met.

Kyl & Frysexpressen is happy about their current set-up at Unifaun. “You are so quick with changes at Unifaun, you listen and care and that is greatly appreciated. Not all private companies are like that.” Concludes Robert Flodman at Kyl & Frysexpressen