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We are investing heavily digitally and our e-commerce is growing at a rapid speed.” Martin Jungerts, head of logistics at RNB 

Retail and Brands is the corporation behind brands such as Polarn o Pyret, Brothers and Man of a kind. With in-house clothing production, e-commerce, shops and sales in several markets, there are numerous logistics processes to handle. The in-house clothing production takes place primarily in Asia, then the goods are sent to the central logistics centre in Borås and then distributed to the shops, while e-commerce requires delivery to private consumers throughout Scandinavia.   

In order to handle e-commerce deliveries, RNB has a Unifaun Online account which covers the entire corporation. In order for every shop/department to be able to control their own handling of freight, RNB uses the profile handling in Unifaun Online. It makes it possible to create different profiles which can log in and see only that which pertains to them while the same logistics agreements with all carriers apply as for all other users of the account.   

Brought an end to expensive and complicated switching of carriers 

“When we went live with Unifaun, we changed our e-commerce carrier for Sweden and within the EU, which had not been possible before. Now, we are much more active in adding and changing carriers, which makes a huge difference.” 

RNB handles the majority of its logistics via a 3PL. Every time they wanted to change or add a carrier or transport service, it became a complicated and expensive project and they were dependent on the 3PL they used and their IT integrations with the carrier. Instead, they began looking for a neutral delivery management system where carriers and transport services could be added and changed in a smooth and inexpensive process. RNB was looking for a combined delivery management system and freight checkout, since they needed both. Ultimately, they chose Unifaun. This was, in part, because Unifaun DeliveryCheckout is integrated in Unifaun Online, but also because Unifaun had the most carriers in the Scandinavian market.  

The system implementation went smoothly and RNB now has a special arrangement in which they own the delivery management system but have a 3PL that connects to the account and manages certain parts of the logistics process. Unifaun DeliveryCheckout creates an order file that is sent to their 3PL, which, in turn, sends the order to Unifaun Online, prints labels and handles the picking.    

The Mina Paket app and DeliveryCheckout provide satisfied customers 

“We have really benefitted from Unifaun DeliveryCheckout to offer our customers freedom of choice in the Swedish market.” 

Depending on where they live in the country, Polarn O. Pyret’s Swedish customers now have up to four different shipping alternatives to choose between when they purchase from their online shop – pickup point, home delivery, mailbox delivery or collect at the shop. Brothers has three shipping choices and Man of a kind offers home delivery and pickup point. The next step is to look at offering multiple modes of transport to the international markets.  

RNB also uses the Mina Paket app to improve the shipping experience. They value the ability to incorporate their logo so that customers can easily track their shipments from RNB’s various shops online. The aim right now is to gather extensive feedback from the app to find out what the customers think about their shipments.  

“We get a lot of positive feedback from our customers, indicating that they are satisfied with the freedom of choice that we offer. Previously, the customers did not even have the option to choose between pickup points, but now they can choose between several shipping alternatives, which is an increased freedom of choice that we could not offer earlier. The customers are very happy with that,” concluded Martin Jungerts