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Smeg gives customers freedom of choice with Unifaun DeliveryCheckout

Smeg is a family-owned company from Italy that was founded back in 1948. Its flagship product is still the retro-style refrigerator, but it produces all kinds of kitchen appliances, adding small electrical products to the range in recent years.

“Smeg i Norden” is the company that manages sales in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland, with its head office located in Malmö. Its warehouse facility, which is located in nearby Löddeköpinge, handles all the transport bookings.

Smeg’s e-commerce in the Nordic region was launched in 2014. The plan has always been for online sales to complement the sales made by its appointed dealers. As a manufacturer, it has no desire to compete with its own appointed dealers, but prefers to use online sales as an alternative outlet where it can offer a wider range of products that the retail stores aren’t always able to accommodate.

From multiple booking sites to a single joint site

Initially, all online sales logistics were booked separately with various carriers, using their different individual booking sites. Keeping track of all the information quickly became complicated, so in a discussion with Bring in 2015 the suggestion was made for Smeg to start using Unifaun instead, which is proving to be very satisfactory. All transport bookings are now made in a single location, resulting in greatly simplified logistics management.

“Having all our consignments in a single location makes life a lot easier. If I want to see where a consignment is, I just have to click to access the carrier’s website. I think it’s great.”

The notification emails sent to customers when transport is booked, which contain links to allow customers to track their items, have also made life easier for Smeg. Smeg has also opted for custom pre-notification, which means that the Smeg logo and other selected information are included in the email. This gives customers the impression that Smeg is with them all the way along the line.

“Tracking was a really complex process for us in the old days, but things have really changed now that we work with Unifaun. We used to make the booking, get the tracking number manually, and then send it to the customer. Now a notification is automatically emailed to customers instead, where they can see which products have been sent and track the consignment. This has made life a lot easier for us and has saved us numerous emails and telephone calls to Customer Service.”

Unifaun DeliveryCheckout resolved all kinds of problems

Smeg was one of the first customers to start using Unifaun DeliveryCheckout for its online sales checkout system. There were a number of reasons as to why Smeg wanted to offer shipping choices at the checkout. Firstly, Smeg wanted to give its customers freedom of choice: customers nowadays more or less take it for granted that they can make their own decisions on how, where and when they want their parcels delivered. And secondly, Smeg realised there were a number of commercial benefits to be had, along with solutions to previous problems.

In the old days, for instance, Smeg had a bit of a battle on its hands when it came to shipping to Norway. Prices there are generally high, and transporting large parcels to tiny, inaccessible places turned out to be so expensive that Smeg ended up almost out of pocket. But now Smeg uses Unifaun DeliveryCheckout so that shipping can be offered to all locations. This allows customers to choose whether they want to pay extra for goods to be delivered door-to-door, or whether they’d prefer to pay less for shipping and collect the items from an agent in a larger neighbouring locality.

Furthermore, Smeg wanted to make sure that certain limitations applied when customers selected shipping options. For instance, not all carriers are able to carry products into people’s homes, so it’s important to make sure this service can only be selected if the carrier is actually able to offer it. In other words, what service is on offer should be clear to customers at the checkout.

Consultants from Prestaworks helped Smeg to implement Unifaun DeliveryCheckout as part of its online checkout. This made the entire process – from purchase decision to seamless checkout – very straightforward.

“We’re really pleased with Unifaun DeliveryCheckout. Customers can see the cost of shipping on the basis of their own postcodes, and we can manage shipping prices from a single location. This is a very neat solution”, concludes Jens Hallenheim, E-commerce manager at Smeg.