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Mobile Climate Control is a Swedish public sector company that manufactures advanced heating, cooling, ventilation and air conditioning systems for buses, trucks, structures, compact vehicles, agriculture, forestry, mining, material handling, and commercial and military vehicles. The company has been in operation in Sweden since 1975. Currently, MCC has its own production plants and research and development departments in Sweden, Canada, China, the United States, South Africa and, since 2008, also a modern factory in Oława, Poland. In terms of strategy, MCC aims to become a global supplier of HVAC equipment to the commercial vehicle industry. Due to the large network of cooperative relationships, MCC needed an efficient and effective system for transport management. The management board of MCC in Oława was fully aware that, many other advantages notwithstanding, a modern development strategy of the company would not be complete without innovative transport management tools. Hence the choice of solutions to enable the continuous development and effective management of the company. Unifaun, a Swedish company with a branch in Poland, has specialised in providing companies with innovative transport management systems for transport and production companies for over 20 years.

The Unifaun TMS system as support for Mobile Climate Control

“The cooperation of MCC and Unifaun began more than a year and a half ago. It enabled Unifaun to offer a broad range of its services, while keeping the focus on the company’s needs the whole time. Each solution is always tailored to the specific nature of the given company. Furthermore, it is possible to easily expand the system, for example by automatically deploying add-on modules, which the customer can order directly in its system, in the add-on modules store” – says Krzysztof Mytnik, Country Manager of Unifaun Polska.

Status quo:

Communication with shipping companies was, for example, conducted through emails, phone calls and several web platforms directly from carriers. The existing form of cooperation involved a lot of manual work, working in different systems, with transport information scattered in various places, which resulted in a greater chance of error. Feedback from carriers, available in several different places, resulted in much more work in the customer service process as well. Verification of transport costs was conducted manually by comparing invoices, transport parameters from bills of lading from carriers, with rates as per contracts with carriers – a very time-consuming manual process.

Status quo:

The management board and the logistics, transport and finance departments needed a systemic solution that would automate and standardise the process of ordering shipment, allowing for easy verification of the punctuality of deliveries and transport costs. The assumption was made that the solution should offer, among other things, the functionality of a Track-and-Trace module and an intuitive system for communicating with shipment and forwarding companies (including DHL, DSV, FedEx, TNT, Schenker and Polish freight forwarding companies), and it should enable easy addition of new shipment companies to the system, for example due to the requirements of MCC’s customers with regard to the shipping company selected to deliver the goods. The aim of the proposed solution was to reduce the amount of labour by automating processes, reducing the number of errors, and standardising the shipment ordering process. An automatic calculation of shipment rates was also expected, in line with order parameters, and was calculated in accordance with contracts with carriers. There was also the requirement for the ability to generate various types of reports for the purposes of multiple departments in the company and of the management board, such as reports on the verification of the profitability ratio, resulting from comparing the scope of the contract with the frequency of shipments sent at the customer’s request.

Efficient communication, controlling and data archiving – everyday benefits

Efficient communication, controlling and data archiving are extremely important when receiving huge amounts of data every day, which constitute the basis for analyses, reports and decision-making. Effective communication also ensures immediate reaction in the event of any irregularities in the process. This is possible thanks to the use of a wealth of Unifaun TMS functionalities, such as: event manager and notifications of transport statuses sent to the relevant process participants by email with an active T&T link.“After the first months of the solution being in operation, it was already possible to conclude that the processes are simpler to complete and more intuitive. Measurable savings in time are also evident, which translate into financial benefits, as well as benefits resulting from analysing reports. Even now, it is already difficult to imagine running the business and managing the company in terms of shipment planning and control without the support of the Unifaun system” – summarised Mariusz Król, Managing Director, President of Mobile Climate Control for Europe.