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Already in 1989, three entrepreneurs started the first shop in Skärholmen, Stockholm. Since then, Teknikmagasinet has grown to 135 physical stores in Sweden, Norway and Finland and is now one of the largest chains for the latest in gadgets, gifts and technology in the Nordic region. Teknikmagasinets business concept is simple, they want to offer smart technology that makes life a bit more fun, where there is always something to buy for oneself or to give as gifts. They also do this in strategic locations close to much traffic and in larger shopping centers, so it is always easy to find a store. 

How is Teknikmagasinet affected by the increasing pace of e-commerce?

At Teknikmagasinet you can clearly see that more and more customers want to be able to shop in the way that suits them best at the moment, sometimes in stores sometimes online. E-commerce has a strong growth at Teknikmagasinet. The core target group for Teknikmagasinet is young people aged 10-25, they are more internet-based than average and in order to attract them, the experience online must be at least as good as in a store. 

When it comes to deliveries from their webshopTeknikmagasinet previously offered a standard solution with delivery to pick up points for all customers. But about a year ago they felt that it was time to expand their offer and give the customer more freedom of choice with more shipping options. 

Unifaun’s DeliveryCheckout was the solution

Since Teknikmagasinet had been handling all its transports in Unifaun’s Delivery Management system for a long time, they consulted Unifaun on how such a solution could look like. 

Unifaun then proposed DeliveryCheckout, a solution that makes it possible to offer several different shipping options at the checkout and thereby be able to give the customer the freedom of choice to get the option that best suits the moment. An additional advantage of the solution is that it automatically removes the delivery options that are not possible based on geography or the size of the package. 

“We see that our customers are happy to choose different shipping methods now that we give them more choices. It is important for us to be able to offer them a choice, it increases the likelihood that the customer completes his/her purchase.” Says Nils Hamvik, Logistics Manager at Teknikmagasinet. 

It was not complicated to implement the DeliveryCheckout and with the solution in place, Teknikmagasinet can now easily add or change which carriers and transport services they want to offer in their different markets in the Nordic region. The lead time from decision to adding a new carrier is short because all Unifaun’s connected carriers are available in the DeliveryCheckout. 

“The only thing that is needed to add a new carrier or transport service is that we agree with the carrier so it will be a good economy and a good service. The technical part is no problem, adding a new carrier is very easy for us now.” Concludes Nils Hamvik.