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September 22, 2020
3 minutes

Dermosil changes checkout delivery options easily and flexibly with Unifaun DeliveryCheckout

Dermosil’s popular products are only available for purchase from the company’s own online store. And the web shop only sells Dermosil products, too – but nothing more is needed. Dermosil has been selling products for the whole family with great success since the late 1980s, and the online store has been in place since 1996.

In fact, the only way you can find Dermosil products off-line is when the company takes its sales bus on tour around Finland to meet their customers. Last year, the bus visited 30 different places in Finland, both large cities and smaller towns requested by their customers. They can’t fit their entire product range on the bus, but about 100 products get to come along and sometimes a few activities are arranged as well. Or as Dermosil’s Ann-Sofie Strand explains with a smile, “We don’t do anything in the usual way at this company.”

Responsiveness to customer delivery requests is key

Dermosil uses the Delivery Management system Unifaun Online to book transports, send EDI and print shipping labels for packages. Unifaun Online is integrated in their ERP System DL Prime to simplify and speed up warehouse management. They recently switched their online store platform to Litium and began looking into the possibility of offering their customers a checkout with multiple delivery options that was also easy to handle for Dermosil. They decided on Unifaun DeliveryCheckout and implemented it immediately.

“We saw the possibilities offered by Unifaun DeliveryCheckout right away. We can now add carriers and transport services to the checkout ourselves, instead of needing to go through the web shop provider,” says Ann-Sofie Strand, Dermosil

Dermosil’s goal was to improve the visualization of delivery selection at checkout and cover more delivery options, with the ability to easily add new carriers and services without adding complexity to the online store or to their ERP. Because their customers regularly request new transport services, Dermosil wanted to show that they were listening and willing to try new services.

There are a lot of different logistics companies out there today, and when our customers ask for something, we want to try it out. Now we can easily add a carrier and see if they work out. In some cases, it hasn’t worked and then we can simply remove them again. We’ve also tried selling a service cheaper for a while to see how customers react. We’re really happy that we are now able to be so flexible,” continues Ann-Sofie Strand, Dermosil

Customers are sensitive to changes, but when it comes to freedom of choice at checkout, Dermosil hasn’t had any negative feedback. Quite the opposite, actually.

“Our customers usually get in touch if they think a change is bad, but we haven’t heard anything negative about Checkout. The silence from our customers about this is a really good sign,” finishes Ann-Sofie Strand, Dermosil.