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Use Unifaun DeliveryCheckout to easily add more delivery options in your checkout - now with a special discount!

Easily add a variety of faster and more sustainable delivery methods in your checkout

Increase your conversion rate by offering a better overall Delivery Experience

Easily and proactively 
manage the delivery methods 
shown in the checkout for each shopping cart

Unifaun is a leading Delivery Management Platform and this gives us possibilities to recognize the most recent trends in the ecommerce and logistics sector. The battlefield to differentiate is now around deliveries.

The delivery experience in ecommerce is more important than ever. In fact, it’s often the decisive competitive advantage for you as an e-merchant. During the last year, home deliveries as a preferred delivery option has increased over 50%. 

We at Unifaun want to help you to add faster and more eco-friendly delivery options in your webshop. The main challenge merchants often face when adding new delivery methods, is the technical setup. Look no further! Unifaun Delivery Checkout gives your customers the freedom of choice whilst at the same time guaranteeing your operational efficiency. Together with our selected carrier partners below, we provide you with both the technical setup and the delivery methods of your choice. Welcome to the age of customer friendly deliveries!

50% discount on Unifaun DeliveryCheckout when you try our last mile carriers!

If you order Unifaun DeliveryCheckout and add at least one last mile carrier before end of March 2021 we offer you a 50% discount on the monthly fee for 6 months! Several of our last mile carriers also offer a discount on the freight cost, click on the carrier logos above for details. Fill in your contact details below and which of the last mile carriers you are interested in and we will get back to you! The offer applies to new customers for Unifaun DeliveryCheckout in combination with one of the participating "Last-Mile" carriers.  Order from 11 January until 31 March 2021.

Last mile delivery partners - delivery methods

Unifaun has an extensive carrier library with over 10.000 carrier services to choose from. As the significance of ecommerce has increased, new specialized last mile delivery carriers have entered the scene. We are proud to call many of them partners in our ecosystem. Together with our last mile delivery partners we want to give you the opportunity to easily test which delivery options your customers prefer, and we have therefore an introduction offer to you!

Unifaun DeliveryCheckout - the technical setup

Unifaun DeliveryCheckout is a simple way of configuring your checkout to include several delivery methods. You can use the DeliveryCheckout as a standalone widget via, API or as Plug & Play together with one of our selected platform partners. This means that you can easily be up and running with an excellent freight checkout within a few days. We work continuously to expand the number of Plug & Play modules, and currently cover most of the largest e-commerce systems and payment providers on the market.