Porterbuddy offers quick same-day delivery, reliable and flexible delivery services. Delight your customers with a personal service and the opportunity to make greener choices in the check-out. Porterbuddy gives customers the unique opportunity to add more orders to the same delivery across webshops. They strive to allways be first – also with the latest that really matters for their customers!

If you order Unifaun DeliveryCheckout now and start using Porterbuddy “best practice” you get a discount during your first 3 month introductory period. Each delivery attempt on the last mile will, depending on volume, only cost 59 NOK (excl vat) in the initial 3 month period.

The offer applies to the metropolitan and suburban regions in Norway around Oslo (including Drammen, Lier, Asker, Bærum, Kløfte, Lillestrøm, Vestby), Trondheim, Bergen, Stavanger, the central parts of Vestfold and soon also in other regions.
To get in touch, please contact Head of Sales, 

Lise Lillevold: