Airmee is perfecting the post-purchase experience with fast home deliveries!

Airmee meet customer needs without negatively impacting the environment or people’s wellbeing with climate friendly same-day and on-demand home deliveries of both small and large goods.

Airmee’s delivery service was exclusively designed to revolutionize e-commerce deliveries and returns. With proprietary research-based technology Airmee’s platform minimizes the negative impact on the climate by optimizing logistic fleets in real time.

Thanks to Airmees smart logistics network they are completely flexible and able to adapt to peak-periods!

Do you want to perfect your post-purchase experience without negatively impacting the environment? Get in touch with Airmee!

If you order Unifaun DeliveryCheckout now and start shipping with Airmee, they offer you 20% discount for 2 months with the following conditions:

  • Only deliveries (not returns) in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö
  • For delivery time at 17-22 
  • Only on the delivery cost (not the collection cost) 
  • Valid the first two months from the time you go live with Airmee 

Get in touch at and they will tell you more!