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Delivery Cloud

The data-driven delivery advantage.

Deliver on the promise of customer experience

If you sell anything online, you’ll know how hard it is to stand out.

Thanks to the internet, your customers now have a huge amount of choice making it almost impossible to corner a market on product, price or service.

Customer experience is now the only game in town. How you treat your customers will determine whether or not you earn their trust and their loyalty.

And to win on customer experience, you need to meet (or exceed) expectations at every stage of the customer journey — from discovery to delivery.

This last step is perhaps the most overlooked, which is strange considering the world has become addicted to better-than-next-day delivery.

It’s also the final frontier of customer experience, the last hurdle to clear in satisfying a buyer.


Customer loyalty is won or lost in the warehouse, on the road and at the doorstep

The power of delivery data


The key to winning lies in the data produced across the delivery process. This raw information tells the story of your delivery experience and codifies what’s working and what isn’t.


Analyze this data and it can yield the precious insights you need to streamline workflows and make big-bang improvements.


And the opportunities are endless. At every stage of delivery there’s a chance to find efficiencies and add value for your customers. You simply have to find the data that indicates there’s room for improvement. The “X” that marks the spot.

But there’s a problem…

Unearthing these insights would be simple if delivery data was clean, organized or accessible.

But this is very rarely the case.

Instead it’s a roiling, shapeshifting torrent of information that’s locked in disconnected systems and processes.

And it’s evolving all the time. What used to be valuable insight can transform into old news overnight.

And while this issue is nothing new, it’s been exacerbated by the surge in demand for better-than-next day delivery. The typical enterprise is juggling more data than ever before and has less time to manage it. So data is often lost or simply forgotten.

And it’s getting harder to unlock any of the benefits listed above. It’s almost impossible to build an accurate big-picture view of their delivery process.

The reality is that unravelling this complexity is a huge challenge. Data must be extracted from disparate systems through time-consuming manual processes that sap energy that could be better spent meeting customer demand.

And that’s why most businesses simply ignore it. And in doing so, ignore an immense opportunity to gain competitive advantage.

Unlocking value from Click Click to Ding Dong

We’ve developed Delivery Cloud to solve this problem.

It’s a transport and delivery management platform that can help businesses in every industry reinvent key processes, improve delivery experience and sell more.

It strips away the complexity and pain of data wrangling and provides you with clear insight into every step of the delivery process, from order placement to delivery. And whether you’re selling eyeliner or i-beams, you can understand and scrutinize every click, byte and mile.

It’s fueled by Living Delivery Data, our name for a unique dataset that includes:

Status data

Including cost and carrier selection data, this is the winning ingredient in real-time CX – (package-centric)

Customer Insight data

Aggregated data about customers that helps us monetize relationships (customer-centric)

Strategy data

Data that helps build a better business (process-centric)

But just as important as the data itself is what we do with it.

We unify it – extracting data from all of your siloes and consolidating it in just one system.

We categorize it – structuring it in such a way that it’s easy to explore and analyse.

We connect it – to back end systems like ERP and WMS, and to other engagement systems like e-commerce platforms.

Delivery Cloud empowers businesses of any size, in any industry to optimize every stage of delivery and transport management.

Delivery Management

  • Delivery Cloud helps you and your customers make precise decisions at every stage from checkout to book and print, parcel tracking and drop-off.
  • Relevant delivery data drives constant improvement of your delivery management.
  • We call this Precision Delivery Experience and it’s how you win the customer experience with delivery management.
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Transport Management

  • Delivery Cloud is connected, scalable and driven by insights that enable you to be proactive with your transport management.
  • It enables constant improvement by helping you identify and reduce inefficiencies, opportunities, and meet the most pressing delivery needs of customers.
  • We call this Lean Delivery and it’s how you gain an advantage with your transport management.
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Get smart about delivery data

Customer experience is a critical differentiator for every business
and in a world addicted to better-than-next-day delivery, the quality
of your delivery experience is particularly important.

Creating the best experience depends on finding and applying the right delivery data but this is easier said than done.

The typical enterprise is drowning in an endless torrent of delivery data that’s flowing across the business and pooling in disconnected systems and processes.

Our Delivery Cloud helps you tackle this flood. More than that, it allows you to turn it to your advantage. For the first time, you can build a complete picture of your delivery process and identify the countless opportunities to address inefficiencies and seize opportunities.

This is the key to building customer loyalty and retention. Because every small tweak and improvement adds up to a better experience at the critical last leg of the customer journey.

Unlock the full value of your delivery data and strip away the complexity and pain of data management and analysis.

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Our products

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