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A competitive advantage for every industry

Any size business in every industry can benefit from our data-driven delivery and transport management solutions. Automated processes, relevant carrier libraries and better delivery experiences make your business more efficient and accelerate your growth.

From I-beams to eyeliner

We empower all businesses; from industry-leading manufacturers with complex logistics, to the backroom start-up that doesn’t know where to begin.

Unifaun Online houses our book and print solution, connected to our massive carrier library. It’s perfect for SMEs that need instant ROI and easy integrations with existing systems.

We also have dedicated e-commerce solutions that work for big retailers moving online and small start-ups. With DeliveryCheckout and My Parcels you can offer a winning customer experience (CX) powered by delivery, no matter your company size.

And we have 20 years experience handling those complex logistical needs like supply chains and incoming shipment flows.



e-Commerce is, by its nature, a noisy and competitive space characterized by high complexity and low customer loyalty. But if done right, the opportunity is endless and the upside potential is astronomical. A successful e-Commerce strategy can turn a garage-based start-up into a retail giant.

The key to that growth is efficient processes and great delivery experience that drives conversions and increases return customers. Our e-commerce solutions start by connecting and automating the whole process with access to our massive carrier library.

Then they drive conversions skyward with our DeliveryCheckout and My Parcels products, developed to improve delivery experience, contribute to a winning CX, and increase return business.

DeliveryCheckout My Parcels

Delivery is more than labels and logistics, it’s now a part of the customer experience. And delivery experience is as much a part of your brand as window dressing.

That’s why we connect you with a massive carrier library, so you can choose partners that meet your needs and match your delivery expectations. And we integrate easily with your existing systems so that adding delivery and moving online doesn’t mean a complete overhaul of your business.

Unifaun Online Unifaun TMS

In the world of fashion, shoppers’ loyalties change faster than the trends. Good deals and convenience are always in and if you can combine the two you’ll have a customer for life. But getting it right and staying profitable is tough. There are high return rates and even higher expectations, and fashion shoppers want the best of all worlds—shop online, shop in-store, click and collect and more.

Our experience with complex logistics, a massive carrier library and easy integrations with ERP’s, WMS’s and e-comm platforms will help you to meet these expectations efficiently.

And solutions such as DeliveryCheckout and My Parcels provide more delivery choices at checkout and enable them to track their parcels to provide a loyalty boosting customer experience.

Unifaun Online DeliveryCheckout

The beauty industry has taken to online shopping and delivery like an influencer to free products. But that means competition is stiff in an industry renowned for low customer loyalty.

Low customer loyalty in the beauty industry is rooted in a decades old beliefs that products stop being effective when used continuously, and even a perfect delivery won’t be able to shift that. So while differentiating yourself in delivery is important, driving conversions and reducing abandoned carts will have a much bigger impact.

Our e-commerce products, DeliveryCheckout and My Parcels, give your customers more delivery choice at checkout and let them track their delivery at every stage. And this combination of choice and freedom creates a customer experience that boosts conversions, increases word of mouth, and keeps customers coming back.

Unifaun Online DeliveryCheckout

Transport management spend in manufacturing can often account for 5-10% of total revenue, so it’s critical that it’s as efficient and reliable as possible. You need to manage the inbound flow of material from global suppliers while ensuring you have cost-effective outbound and internal shipments.

Our Transport Management is built on decades of experience in the industry and our inbound concepts are validated by thousands of material suppliers.

We can help you reduce freight costs and improve quality with transport planning and carrier selection support. Plus, drive more efficient tendering and improve strategic planning with easily-accessible insights generated by built-in analytics.

Unifaun TMS