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Mats on Axel:
“Axel is very creative but it would do him good to come down to earth a little bit sometimes. And to think that Radiohead is better than Motörhead is just pretentious and ridiculous " 

Axel on Mats: 
“The great thing about Mats is that he is a very creative problem solver. But he needs to loosen up a little. And sometimes it would be fun to not have to listen to classic rock in the car” 

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Follow Unifaun's e-commerce experts Mats & Axel when they take the temperature of Nordic 
e-commerce with their Vlog camera "hands on".
What are the latest trends and what is required to succeed?

Mats & Axel connects their experiences and perspectives to an exciting and innovative view of e-commerce, its opportunities and challenges.

Mats & Axel have solid experience from both the software and logistics industry and are frequently engaged to help e-merchants and carriers with their Delivery Experience.

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Is the retail apocalypse a reality?

Episode 2

Episode 1

Mats&Axel trendspotting 20th of Nov 2020: 

What does “Peak Season” mean to e-retailers, carriers and consumers?

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Episode 3

Mats&Axel trendspotting 15th of Jan 2021: 

The hangover after Christmas

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Mats&Axel meets "Arne på Posten"

Last Mile and Home Deliveries

Episode 1

Episode 1