Meet Geesche


COO at Unifaun Finland

“I´m German and don’t have a sense of humor at all. I never tell jokes at parties.” Geesche says, finishing it off with a laugh revealing the opposite. She is indeed German though, from the Northwestern parts called Fresia. It was there, at the age of 13 that she fell in love with Finland. It might have been a Formula 1 driver that caught her Finnish attention at first but soon, after having borrowed every book about Finland at the library, she couldn´t resist her attraction to the country. She told her parents “I´m moving there, no matter what”.

It took to the age of 16 when she got to spend an exchange year in Finland. That year she met her future husband. A few years later during economics studies at the Aalto University, Geesche discovered her second love, Supply Chain Management and logistics. She was chosen by Posti to be part of their Management Training Program and after that continued as a Development Manager before she was headhunted to Unifaun. To start a Unifaun Office in Finland was simply an offer she couldn´t refuse.

Today Geesche is one of 15 employees in Unifaun Finland. She lives across the street from the Helsinki office with her exchange year crush and their daughter of 3 years.

What is your job at Unifaun?

-I work as Chief Operating Officer for Unifaun Finland. That means I´m responsible for our operations and our support. I´m also a product developer and a director of Carrier Accounts in Finland. Me and Kim Friman are dual hosting which means that everything we do strategically, we decide together. 1 day a week I´m in Poland helping to build up Unifaun there. 

What do you like most about your job? 

-I really like the versatility. We are combining a very stable product with the freedom to do whatever we want, what the market requires. If I have an idea I´m always allowed to try it. I have an entrepreneurial heart so I really appreciate that.

What inspires you? 

-Commitment. People that are putting their full heart into something and you can see their excitement. I´m also always inspired by meeting new people and building relationships. I have a lot of very different friends and I like that diversity. At work I like to work with partners. The ecosystem that we have built is extremely important. You don´t have to do everything yourself, you have to find the right people.

What is your favourite benefit at Unifaun? 

-The flexibility that comes with responsibility. Yesterday I wanted to work late in the evening but then I could come in late this morning. That fits me really well.

Tell us about a special talent you have?

-Well, I´m great at telling mushrooms apart. I also claim to be getting the point in areas I haven´t really heard about before. I guess I´m just interested in different areas of life.